Using Google Colab with Conda

Google Colab(oratory) is an invaluable resource for data science. You get GPU/TPU computing power while from a Jupyter Notebook frontend running on Google’s servers… for free! Surprisingly though, conda is not preinstalled in the default configuration. Learn how to fix it!

How I work from home: a tutorial

Doing computational research often means generating lots of data that needs to be processed and analyzed. In some fields, file sizes often go well into the gigabytes or even terabytes. If you have to work from home or are doing a short stay away from your workspace, downloading the full dataset to work on it locally is not only cumbersome, but inefficient. Are there any alternatives? Of course!

Aukey EP-B4 Bluetooth headphones: How to disable "Low battery, please charge" messages

A couple of years ago I bought Aukey’s EP-B4 Bluetooth headphones so I could listen to some music in the gym without worrying about a wire. Instead I now worry about one more battery and an increasingly infuriating robotic voice.

(Non-)LaTeX tricks I used while I was writing my thesis with LaTeX

Like many, I wrote my PhD thesis using LaTeX. I had used LaTeX before, but not with such a big manuscript. I learnt a few tricks during that process that I think somebody might find useful.

Hello, I am Jaime

Right now I should be writing my thesis. So instead I made myself a blog.